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From 10th August 1915 until 12th August 1915


My mind is rather hazy as to what took place during the two days I was in hospital in France.


I remember that I was given a bath in bed, and in the clean sheets I felt very comfortable, it was the first time for a year that I had had anything like comfort.


I remember the nurses, which at this stage seemed like ministering angels. The way in which they attended to me I shall never forget. I had not seen an Englishwoman for many many months, and the tenderness and devotion which they showed was most kind.


Whether it was that which brought tears to my eyes or not, I cannot say, but, remember that I cried without ceasing, and could not stop myself.



I remained in bed until at 6.00 O'clock in the morning, Thursday, August 12th, when I was placed in a stretcher and told that I was going to England that day.


I was feeling much better, and cannot remember more of the incidents which took place at this time.


I was then bought in an ambulance which went to Camieres, four or five miles away and then put in a beautifully equipped hospital train which left about 8.30 and arrived at Calais about 11.00 O'clock.

I then set to work to enter up in my pocket diary as many of the incidents as I could remember from the time I went into the attack until I arrived at Calais.


I embarked on the H S "Brighton" and left the shores of France at one o'clock.


On our way we past two or three French submarines and other vessels of war.


I left my stretcher on the Quay, as I felt that I could walk, and I very much wanted to get on my legs, and it was by these means I was fortunate enough to get to a hospital, about which I will state more later.


The journey across the Channel was vary circuitous on account of the mines, but eventually the crowd of eager anxious faces, staring for the sight of England were rewarded by the outline of the cliffs of Dover.


We raised a cheer of the most heartfelt nature, and from this moment I felt better and began rapidly to mend.


I had, however, got very thin and week, although in France I had got quite fat.


We arrived at Dover at about 3.00 o'clock, and I heard that the men on the ship were going up to three different hospitals, one in the Midlands, one in London, and one at Walmer which was only a few miles away.


I felt terribly fatigued and not at all up to the journey, and I was fortunate enough to be able to arrange that I should go to Walmer.


France has now been left behind and once more I have set foot on English soil. How many times whilst in the trenches, have I thought that I would never again see England.







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