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Orderly Room,

Convalescent Hospital,

Woodcote Park,



31st December 1916



Whoever may read these notes must not expect a record of gallant deeds, but a true indication of the conditions and life in the Army with it’s sorrows and joys, monotony and fun, work and play both at home and overseas, which is the lot of every infantryman.

 Except for the reasons of indicating the style of work and duty, to say nothing of the hardships, I have left out anything which I have had personally to do or put up with if it is at all out of the ordinary, but have only penned such things as might, and do, continually happen to any infantryman in the British Army.

 There are many points mentioned herein which perhaps may not be of the slightest interest to any but myself, but it must be remembered that the chief object in writing my experiences whilst serving as a soldier in this ‘War’ is to have a record for reference in future years and to call to mind any incidents which might otherwise be forgotten.

 To others who read these pages, the continual repetition of various incidents may prove monotonous, but life in the Army, either at Home or Overseas is itself monotonous. The style of writing with the dates at the sides is for easy reference.

 It should also be remembered that the hardships and privations which may be mentioned, are daily occurrences and not special to the writer.







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